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Wood Shop


Taught by master craftsmen in a sharing environment, our woodworking courses encompass a growing number of skill areas. Beginning with Woodworking Basics, you'll learn many tools and techniques and have the opportunity to interact with other students. Or you may wish to enroll in more specific areas such as  carving, turning, guitar building, laser engraving, inlaying, and more. Our unpretentious, can-do climate will inspire you to safely explore your many creative options and engage in even the most challenging skills-training programs before finding your main area of interest. In many cases completing one of these courses will prepare you for working independently in the Lab on your own projects, paying just a nominal hourly fee.

Typical classes

  • Bench Making

  • Build a Windsor Chair

  • Chair Building

  • Dovetails (3hr)

  • Hand Tools (3hr)

  • Millwork

  • Party Tray (3hr)

  • Woodworking Basics

  • Woodworking Beyond the Basics

  • 3 Hour Dovetails

  • Woodworking for the Non-Woodworker

  • River Side Table

  • Wood Sculpting

  • Intensive Chair Building

  • Mastering the Router

  • Mastering the Table Saw

  • Tambour Topped Jewelry Box

  • Bench Making

  • Accent Mirror


Wood Turning


Our renowned wood turner, Ed Youtz, has created a program at the Fab Lab that is second to none. These hands-on classes will take you through a step-by-step process of turning using a variety of tools and techniques. Discover the beauty of working with different woods, as well as the amazing number of creative treasures you can make on a wood lathe.

Typical classes

  • Bowl (3hr)

  • Resin Bowl Turning

  • Woodturning I

  • Woodturning II

  • Woodturning Refresher (3-hr)

  • Pen Turning (3-hr)

  • Rosebud Vase




Our award-winning carving instructor,  Dave Dion, is a master carver. He learned carving exactly the same way you will.  In his classes, Dave teaches the basics, such as wood grain, grain direction for texture and style, keeping tools sharp and organized, and proper technique & safety. Then move on to more advanced hand carving techniques, as well as CNC wood carving methods.

Typical classes

  • Caricature Carving the Basics

  • Relief Carving Basics

  • Relief Carving Beyond the Basics

  • Pumpkin Carving

Woodworking Cal
Woodworking Calendar
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