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Understanding plastics and mold making are a vital part of all prototyping programs. The Plastics classes cover everything from rubber mold making, room temperature (RTV) resin castings, vacuum and pressure forming of sheet plastics, and injection molding. Learn how to copy any shape by making a variety of rubber molds and then cast into the molds with different plastics and finishes. Great for prototyping, prop making for movies and theater, body and face casting, or just recreating a family heirloom. We offer a special Zombie class just in time for Halloween. Learn how to be ultimately creative with this easy to understand process.

Typical classes

  • The Beauty of Plastics

  • Plastic Molding & Casting

  • General Plastics I and II

  • Copy Any Shape

  • Resin Casting and Mold Making

  • Zombie Masks

  • Candy Molding (3-hr)

  • Resin Bowl Turning

  • 3D Printing and Cold Casting

Plastics Cal
Plastics Calendar
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