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The Metals Program includes a full-featured machine shop, equipped for CNC milling, turning, and plasma cutting, along with conventional metal milling, turning, cutting, drilling, bending, welding, and other processes.  Learn general machining techniques from expert machinists, as well as artistic metal working applications.

Typical classes

  • CNC Tormach Metal Mill

  • CNC with 4th Axis 

  • CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Intro to Tormach Metal Lathe

  • Metal Lathes

  • Milling and Machining

  • Welding Basics

  • Welding Refresher (3hr)

  • Tube Welding & Fabrication

  • Metal Cutting for the Artist

  • Laser Metal Cutting (3-hr)

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Intro to Plumbing

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Metals Calendar
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