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Fab Lab Instruction

With 150 classes every semester taught by nearly 40 expert instructors, you are sure to find the right courses to fit your needs.  Most programs range from beginning to advanced levels, so everyone can learn and use our facilities.

In addition to scheduled classes, we offer "Fab Lab on Demand," which is a set of one-on-one classes that are always available.  Specialty one-on-one classes can also be arranged.

Browse our upcoming classes below, or view the NCC Course Catalog to register.

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Upcoming Classes
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On Demand

Fab Lab On Demand

This is something we're working on.  We will announce on-demand classes when they become available,

This program offers mini-classes to individuals anytime throughout the year (typically scheduled within 1-2 weeks, subject to instructor and resource availability).  Because these are one-on-one classes, your instructor can tailor the content to better address your specific needs.  The class fee is $60 per hour, usually with a 3-hour minimum (plus materials cost, if applicable). Custom one-on-one sessions not listed here can usually be accommodated as well.  Please contact the Lab to request a class, and you will be put in touch with one of our highly qualified instructors to discuss the details.  Here is our current list of on-demand classes:


  • Welding Basics I, II

  • Basic Electronics

  • Guitar Setup

  • Spray Finishing

  • Laser Inlay

Don't see it here?  Ask about custom one-on-on classes.

Consulting and Custom Instruction

The Fab Lab can provide custom classes or consulting for organizations in any of the areas we cover. Some examples might be: training for industrial arts teachers, helping set up maker spaces, team building exercises, or training on specific equipment.  Please contact the Lab to discuss your needs.

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