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The Fab Lab's First Priority is Safety. 

All users of the Fab Lab MUST:

  • Wear safety glasses while working in the shops with any hand or power tools.
  • NOT wear loose clothing or jewelry including ties, shirts out, sweat shirts, loose hanging sleeves, necklaces, etc..
  • NOT wear open-toe shoes.
  • Tie long hair back.
  • Clean up machines, tools, and benches, and help the cause of keeping the lab clean and organized.
  • Put hand tools back in their proper location and ask if unsure where a tool is kept. (During COVID restrictions, please place all tools in the designated disinfecting areas in each shop.)
  • Always announce yourself to a staff member when entering the lab.
  • Stop what you are doing if you feel at all uncomfortable and ask for assistance.
  • Report any broken or incorectly functioning tool, even if your were not responsible. If you cannot find someone to report, leave a detailed note on the reception desk.
  • NOT use a machine without first being cleared by a Fab Lab staff member. (Taking a class in a machine method does not qualify you; you must discuss my project with a staff member before proceeding.)
  • Report to a staff member any injury no matter the severity.
  • Report any knowledge of rules infringements by others.
Please call or e-mail to find out if the lab or process machine is available at the time you want to come in. Do not bring guests into the lab without permission.  Any helper will pay the effective hourly rate.  Please pay for your time and/or membership promptly
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