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Using our well-equipped electronics lab, plus other start-of-the-art technology throughout the Fab Lab, our course offerings will guide you through projects of increasing complexity to satisfy your hobby or prototyping needs.  


We specialize in teaching: the fundamentals of Arduino and how to interface with many of the common components; building audio projects such as guitar amplifiers and speakers; building drones; and creating other useful electronic devices. You’ll learn how to make your projects solid and robust with proper soldering and wiring techniques.  Courses regularly include reduced cost parent-child offerings.

We also offer basic home electrical wiring courses using full-size wall mock-ups. 

Typical classes

  • Arduino I

  • Arduino II Beyond Basics

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Electronics (1hr)

  • Printed Circuit Board

  • Build a Drone

  • Harness the Power of the Sun

  • Soldering 101 / 102

  • Crystal Radio

  • Weather Station

  • Mini Amp



  • Practical Electrical Wiring

  • Advanced Electrical Wiring

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