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Design Software


We provide a wide range of design software to realize your creations on our various computer controlled machines (wood and metal mills, plasma cutter, 3-D printers, and laser cutters/engravers).  Available courses introduce you to Audocad, Corel Suite, Illustrator, Fusion 360, Solid Works, V-Carve, Aspire, Rhino, and others covering 2- and 3-dimensional design.

Typical classes

  • CNC & G Code Programming

  • CNC with MasterCAMx4

  • Corel Draw - Basics

  • Corel Draw - Beyond the Basics

  • Fast Prototyping

  • Fusion 360 Intro

  • Innovation: Thinking Outside the Box

  • Sketch Up - Kitchen Design

  • Solidworks Basics  

  • Intro to Adobe Illustrator

  • Intro to Audodesk Revit

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Design Calendar
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