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Personal Projects


At the Fab Lab, there are many ways that you can complete a project. You may book One-on-One time with an instructor who can teach you in an intensive instructional session. You may start by working with the instructor on an hourly basis, and then choose to work on your own as soon as you feel ready.  Lab time is by appointment 9-4 weekdays and 9-2 most Saturdays. Lab costs vary; check the Pricing page for details. Sign up to receive our e-newsletter for upcoming classes and events, and for schedule updates.



The Fab Lab offers a fascinating place to have your club or organization meetings. Depending on your particular needs, we may be able to offer space and services for free. If you want to have group activities or lectures on any particular process or skill, a cost estimate can easily be generated for you. We have about 40 Instructors with talents and specialties ranging from woodcarving to robotics. All of these individuals can demonstrate or lecture on their specialties.


If you'd like to simply be involved at the Lab, there is always room for volunteers who are interested in helping us to improve our services. Contact Amy Rotzell for volunteering opportunities.

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